Our cargo tricycles are specially designed for your business needs.

Freight transport

Индустриалните карго триколки се използват за превоз на леки до средни товари в градски среди, вътрешнозаводски площи и производства. Те са идеални за транспортиране на стоки и оборудване, доставка на храна, куриерски услуги, малки багажи и други.


ECOTRIKE-BG cargo tricycles are propelled by pedalling or with the help of an electric motor, which makes them environmentally friendly means of transport capable of reducing air pollution and traffic in cities.

Easy access to restricted areas

Because tricycles are more compact than traditional motorized vehicles, they can be driven in street and urban areas where car access may be restricted.

Advertising and branding

Cargo tricycles can be branded with logos and advertising messages, which provides an opportunity for advertising and increasing brand visibility.

Cargo tricycle